Please give this poor woman some eyes. (YIAY #475)

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Lengd: 5:32


Fi Fi
Fi Fi - 2 klukkustundum síðan
Look, I know I’m late but I need to at least try to get her a shout out
김립 보고싶다
김립 보고싶다 - Degi Síðan síðan
0:57 i'm going to hell i'm laughing so hard at that 🤣
Aubrie Thompson
Aubrie Thompson - 4 dögum síðan
DoNt MaKe FuN Of BiLLiE
nistax - 4 dögum síðan
I'm the gud guy
Let’s do something Awesome
Let’s do something Awesome - 6 dögum síðan
You could say she’s Billie hellish
xd plays
xd plays - 8 dögum síðan
Wow no naruto eyes???!
Squirtle225 Gaming
Squirtle225 Gaming - 9 dögum síðan
#CreatorAwards Your Typical artist is pretty dope
Arfan Eka Diandra
Arfan Eka Diandra - 11 dögum síðan
Just need to call Billie Eilish.
Potato Brain
Potato Brain - 12 dögum síðan
Technically they already have eyes they just don't have pupils and irises
Sarah P1330
Sarah P1330 - 14 dögum síðan
#yay friendly icky cheeseIK
Mikeshia Rogers
Mikeshia Rogers - 15 dögum síðan
Mikey Murphy
Le Monke
Le Monke - 16 dögum síðan
A little too real for you BILLY
ShotgunShadows - 17 dögum síðan
gheanfoil - 18 dögum síðan
Kris Engelaar
Kris Engelaar - 19 dögum síðan
Billie eye-less!

not even sorry
dots. Ypoo
dots. Ypoo - 19 dögum síðan
Taurus WT
Taurus WT - 20 dögum síðan
Sorrow TV for the creator awards.
Jarf Taco
Jarf Taco - 17 dögum síðan
Taurus WT lol
Taurus WT
Taurus WT - 17 dögum síðan
@Jarf Taco I watch like two different types of youtubers. My answer was never going to be great.
Jarf Taco
Jarf Taco - 17 dögum síðan
You're joking, right?
Soundiabr UwU
Soundiabr UwU - 20 dögum síðan
2:28 if you didn't get it, she has jack's forehead
The halo Legend
The halo Legend - 23 dögum síðan
1:43 I don’t think the person replaced her I think the person squished her
Easton Petushek
Easton Petushek - 23 dögum síðan
Do BeastWorldElite
That One Channel
That One Channel - 24 dögum síðan
I actually want the next YIAY to be "Fill in the blank: I'm the ____ guy" cause...well, who was the woman they fixed?
Fixed the grammar so i don't end up on YGS
goose_lord800 - 24 dögum síðan
Paul TheVulture
Paul TheVulture - 26 dögum síðan
no one except me,knows she is the hellish girl that i knew she makes songs about the darkest things
Damian Renteria
Damian Renteria - 28 dögum síðan
jeez, a minute and thirty seconds of ad?
ikemanreed - Mánuði síðan
I haven’t had a good genuine laugh in a while
ikemanreed - Mánuði síðan
Until this video
Charlie O’Neill
Charlie O’Neill - Mánuði síðan
Dollars have club.
Beefen - Mánuði síðan
What use are Billie Eyelashes if you don’t have Billie Eyeballs
Jay V.
Jay V. - Mánuði síðan
Jack has a huge forhead
Mr Wy
Mr Wy - Mánuði síðan
No one Billie yay eyes 1 random person wtf
GalaxyGaming - Mánuði síðan
2:39 he didnt notice the me me big boy shirt
Yakov Weisshaus
Yakov Weisshaus - Mánuði síðan
For anyone wondering what the name of the album is, type in “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”
_arhart - Mánuði síðan
Ew clean shaven John
Trucker 298
Trucker 298 - Mánuði síðan
2:29 Big Forehead?
Trucker 298
Trucker 298 - Mánuði síðan
It's "eye - bess" not "eh - bess" not pun intended
Rabbit Stack
Rabbit Stack - 23 dögum síðan
Hamish Macleod
Hamish Macleod - Mánuði síðan
No eye of ender ones, I now want to end my life
Gianna is very very not cool
Gianna is very very not cool - Mánuði síðan
Our boi is in need of assistance with his shower products
Darkness Kitten Official 💜
Darkness Kitten Official 💜 - Mánuði síðan
My favorite low creator is @Koolyck
NeverTheLess Prøductiøns
NeverTheLess Prøductiøns - Mánuði síðan
You're a little too late...
The Diamond Hoe
The Diamond Hoe - Mánuði síðan
Mumbo jumbo
Joe Bowman.
Joe Bowman. - Mánuði síðan
Peter Knetter #CreatorAwards
Kreo - Mánuði síðan
2:27 Billie turned into Jack! OH NO