AK47 door bell system.

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Uninvited people calling at your door can be a real pain, if only there was a way to deal with these people.........Well now there is.
Yes at the push of a button i can deploy an Airsoft AK and blast the unwanted doorbell ringer into a swift retreat muhahaha
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colinfurze - 2 árum síðan
How else would i deal with cold callers at my door. Check out my other videos as this channel is all about ideas like this. Subscribe.
maCrofage - Mánuði síðan
This is what I love ! I'm sad that I discovered your channel just a few days ago.
Jack Amos
Jack Amos - Mánuði síðan
colinfurze 10 mil?
Thomas. parnell
Thomas. parnell - Mánuði síðan
I would suggest boiling tar but probably violates a few laws maybe paint or permanent marker enough to ruin their clothes .
TJ Williams
TJ Williams - Mánuði síðan
Evans Bost l
christiannielsen - Mánuði síðan
Could you make a pommes machine and boiler/fryer
Cory Kingbreaker
Cory Kingbreaker - Klukkustund síðan
Disliked when you didn't shoot the kid. Bye.
aaron meade
aaron meade - 5 klukkustundum síðan
4:20 snipe him in the head
The Defiler
The Defiler - 18 klukkustundum síðan
Not a real Ak?
Alex - 21 klukkustund síðan
That's what Walter white did
Justarandomuser - Degi Síðan síðan
Colin is a time traveler
ShipBuilding - 3 dögum síðan
My comment will be lost forever.....
Maçã Verde
Maçã Verde - 3 dögum síðan
I thought he was going to put a ak to shoot as the bell sound.. and scare people. But apparently English people.
The ordinary guy
The ordinary guy - 4 dögum síðan
Colin defeinately DO NOT design stuff for military
Best Memes
Best Memes - 4 dögum síðan
ToasterOvenFilms - 4 dögum síðan
Well they won’t be coming for your tv fees anymore will they?
IDont LikeTraps
IDont LikeTraps - 5 dögum síðan
In the US we dont need airsoft guns we have real ones to work with
Chonkster - 5 dögum síðan
“ Christian children arrive “
Nassim Z
Nassim Z - 5 dögum síðan
Never thought about that. Imagine placing a bomb there to ambush an eventual swat team? Noice
zachary Donegan
zachary Donegan - 5 dögum síðan
This is the best social distancing tactic
Maiku Tsukino
Maiku Tsukino - 5 dögum síðan
Colins: Kid Next Door "Naaaa....."
Me: "Just one little burst? Please?".
jolanxbl ca
jolanxbl ca - 6 dögum síðan
Yeah, f the Charity's f the homeless, f donation collectors. Should have shot up that little kid that would have been funny...
Gaurav Cheema
Gaurav Cheema - 6 dögum síðan
Brits turning american.
matis Vidal
matis Vidal - 6 dögum síðan
Hey look buddy... i'm an engineer
Y.U.R.T - 7 dögum síðan
This guy is like Michael Reeves, except he understands what he’s doing
MIATAFANBOIYT - 7 dögum síðan
So he short himself but didn’t wanna shoot his son 10/10 dad taking care of his family
Raymond Siewert
Raymond Siewert - 8 dögum síðan
Those 2 ppl probably be saying nani
Zhukov Playz SSB 2
Zhukov Playz SSB 2 - 8 dögum síðan
thats not ak47 its an ak74
SuperSonicFan 27
SuperSonicFan 27 - 8 dögum síðan
The best door bell in the history of door bells
Gotham Police Department
Gotham Police Department - 9 dögum síðan
I think he killed a salesman or the homeless man
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones - 9 dögum síðan
0:45 who else thought he was going to shoot them
Sandy The Pomeranian
Sandy The Pomeranian - 9 dögum síðan
Tдатс what we цse in мотher Россия
Dan S
Dan S - 11 dögum síðan
But before this video i saw an ad that showed me that it is illegal to kill someone just beacause you want to protect yourself
Dan S
Dan S - 11 dögum síðan
So i understand you made this video to show how people could pretect themself
your boi
your boi - 13 dögum síðan
The tax evasion system
Owen Helser
Owen Helser - 14 dögum síðan
Make one that blasts Scotland the brave from speakers above your door
Willøw's Corner
Willøw's Corner - 14 dögum síðan
I’m new to this channel and now I’m scared-
The Man!!
The Man!! - 14 dögum síðan
Reflated Cheats
Reflated Cheats - 15 dögum síðan
Do you know from the door like a face is colinferze of salesman, charity collector geeez
HellaSinful - 16 dögum síðan
What if ur neighbor just wants ingredients for a cake but they are a veteran with ptsd
HYDROGEN LION - 16 dögum síðan
Jehova witnesses be aware
LOGAN MARECHES - 17 dögum síðan
Where do I buy one
admiral ackbar
admiral ackbar - 17 dögum síðan
ISIS: *has cars and a bunch of guns and missles
Collin Furze: H A H A A K 4 7 G O B R R T
GoldDropper - 18 dögum síðan
This guy: UNO reverse card
Surplus Division
Surplus Division - 21 degi síðan síðan
In America a loft is where you put your hay bails, and private machine gun ownership is legal!
HeadlessHobbit - 22 dögum síðan
Oh, so this is what Arthur Miller was talking about when he wrote "death of a salesman"
giahn abareles
giahn abareles - 23 dögum síðan
oh shit I used the real ak
Adi Armeanu
Adi Armeanu - 23 dögum síðan
Face at 1:37 so forced and cringe
NhojGaming - 22 dögum síðan
What? Do you not have friends that make silly faces? Lol
Maciej Ceplin
Maciej Ceplin - 24 dögum síðan
Green gas
Tiger 1 E shared family account
Tiger 1 E shared family account - 24 dögum síðan
Dude why did you shoot a dude collecting funds to help peopl
HAZLO TU MISMO - 24 dögum síðan
colinfurze than you for your videos, can you send me info about how to build one mecanism like this please? my email: lolilis@hotmail.com... thank you
Nun Yo Buisnezz
Nun Yo Buisnezz - 24 dögum síðan
So basically he murders anybody who rings his doorbell.
anbu Gaming
anbu Gaming - 25 dögum síðan
You remind me if doctor who
auras ian
auras ian - 26 dögum síðan
Is AK74 caliber 5.45, not Ak47 cal. 7.62
Quanchy Plimp
Quanchy Plimp - 26 dögum síðan
Perfect for Jehovas Witnesses but with live rounds!
eby mathews
eby mathews - 28 dögum síðan
Dangerous and hilarious......dangerously hilarious
Andre Moreno
Andre Moreno - Mánuði síðan
Perfect for the Girl Scouts
ANONYMOUS GAMER - Mánuði síðan
Lol that book tho
This book isn't safe 😄😄😄
matrex Foxx
matrex Foxx - Mánuði síðan
You should’ve have showed me this I live in Texas
Prairie Climber
Prairie Climber - Mánuði síðan
What? No YouTube Fans showing up at your doorstep?!?
Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett - Mánuði síðan
Timothy Green
Timothy Green - Mánuði síðan
He would be getting calls from the military to design stuff but he’s too much of a reckless and annoying person to ever get a serious job
NhojGaming - 22 dögum síðan
@Timothy Green That's not how arguments work lol, you're supposed to come to a happy agreement. He's got his dream job anyway so I don't think he cares that the military isn't hiring him. This dude has the best freaking job ever, just make random shit and test it. You probably think he's annoying coz you're "too mature to watch this childish bs anyway".
Timothy Green
Timothy Green - 29 dögum síðan
Cyborganna that’s honestly the shittiest analogy of all time but yeah this guys annoying as fuck and my comment has more likes than yours so the consensus is that I’m right and your wrong
Cyborganna - Mánuði síðan
If He's annoying, meeting you must be like sitting in a barrel full of fleas whilst covered in papercuts. Put your jealousy down before you hurt yourself, Kid.
Jacob Spado
Jacob Spado - Mánuði síðan
Bro y u ain’t give no money to that guy he helping u people u is an ass
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito - Mánuði síðan
Woo, that was terrible. How does this idiot have so many subscribers?
NhojGaming - 22 dögum síðan
Coz people choose to enjoy his content rather than assume they're better than him.
Alexander Tu
Alexander Tu - Mánuði síðan
Hey Colin Furze, I love your channel but I have a question. What do you do with all your inventions? Do you keep ALL of them or do you scrap some of them after?
Marek Manglus
Marek Manglus - Mánuði síðan
That e30 tho..
davouchi1 - Mánuði síðan
Hahaha that was hilarious. But please stop putting music on your videos!
Jeydan - Mánuði síðan
this is exactly how to get arrested
John Lever
John Lever - Mánuði síðan
Should implement a system like this but for package thefts.
Killer N Gaming
Killer N Gaming - Mánuði síðan
This is total fake bro. That is this??
King Tully
King Tully - Mánuði síðan
Ugly ass nigga
Hdhd ddhdhd
Hdhd ddhdhd - Mánuði síðan
Ak47 I murder on my mind
Some random guy
Some random guy - Mánuði síðan
Already know if he made a meme out of shooting a kid he would’ve gotten 1mil dislikes
michael mac
michael mac - Mánuði síðan
If only this was in America
dylan vanzutphen-kann
dylan vanzutphen-kann - Mánuði síðan
I haven't seen a video that I didn't like, entertaining doesn't begin to describe your style Colin. Thank you for helping in this covid19 lockdown time.
maCrofage - Mánuði síðan
1:36 this face xD Excellent !
This door bell system is a must have :p
Legendary Hippo
Legendary Hippo - Mánuði síðan
If this stuff is on the lowest budget possible I want to know what he could make with government funding
Nathans Lounge
Nathans Lounge - Mánuði síðan
Almost to 10 million 💥💥💥💥🤟🤟🤟💪💪
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin - Mánuði síðan
Here in Russia, we all have ak 47 bell systems
John Smith
John Smith - Mánuði síðan
Why is he cutting his hedge with lawn shears
Віктор Січкарук
Віктор Січкарук - Mánuði síðan
Сер. Чому ви так швидко говорите, я майже нічого не розумію. Розмовляйте повільніше, я записую. Дякую )))))))))))
Coolboy Nothin
Coolboy Nothin - Mánuði síðan
Keep up the good work! First discovered you on the science channel and wanted to see more content! I’ve watched a lot of videos and I’m a big fan
Timmy Mallet
Timmy Mallet - Mánuði síðan
Love your vids
Isaiah Pierce
Isaiah Pierce - Mánuði síðan
Thats an ak74
Falkrim - Mánuði síðan